Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve

Happy New Year!

How memorable, when I started to join TAR college, I made my new year celebration very meaningful. Almost every year I'll have my outing, either with my group of gang, or with my date.

This year, slightly low profile. I'll be bbq-ing at Kelv's house. Its a trio celebration:
1. Its Kelv's birthday at 31st Dec, Happy birthday!
2. To gather for 2009 new year eve. Happy New Year!
3. To help Kelv and Irv on their DELAYED housewarming. Happy... er... whatever....

I'd remember my last eve the best. I gave a surprise. A finally positive surprised to a VIP. I seriously thought of doing it once again this year. But I cannot find myself a good position on doing it. But still, you are still a VIP :)

As usual, everybody got their New Year Wishes every year. As my previous post about christmas wishes, for new year eve, its a more practical wishes, or I prefer calling them the "Targets":
1. To exercise / sports more regularly, ie at least 3 times a week, not for putting off weight, but to reduce stress in a more proper manner.
2. To increase personal financial health. I finally achieve my 1st target which should be in 2 years target using 2.5 years. For 2009, I will start looking at market share, small investment, and perhaps resume my part time job as a tuition teacher or some other things which can reduce my financial load.
3. To spend more time at home (in the living room) to be accurate. For that, perhaps I'll just get a wireless modem to allow me to access internet in my living room, and in the same time accompany my dad watch evening news more.
4. I hope its not too overloaded with the 4th target. To treat people around me better, by not giving them any hatred, causing them any hard feeling, to make them always happy, to prevent making them suffer, and feel bad.

To all my dear friends, family, colleagues, whoever I know, whoever knows me, lets stroll our hand together, and welcome the new, colourful, wonderful, and perfected with loves in all our air, the brand new year of 2009!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Amusing Tea Break =.=

I had not taken my lunch since my brunch with Soo Chuan and Darren, so I decided to go to the malay stall to get some nasi lemak or pisang goreng. I came down from my bike, right after I stood my bike, the long-time-no-see mak cik was greeting yelling: "Boy! Lama tak datang boy!" I replied with a smile and "Ya lor". Then, I started to ask the other kakak if there's nasi lemak. However, the excited mak cik continues while I was looking what else I can buy for my tea time except nasi lemak:

"Boy! boy you sudah kahwin?"

"Oh, belum, belum kak..."

"Boy akak ada seorang kawan ada anak nak cari kawan lar.. boy ada minat?"


Then this hokkien aunty beside thought I dont understand what kakak said:

*Gulped* How come suddenly I had this very unwell feeling that suddenly like I very old...

"Boy, you nak kenal tak, gadis tu cantik, bagus, buka kedai bunga kat sana je, nak kenal tak? Akak bawakan?"

*Stunned again!* "Err... Tak pe la kak, tak pe..."

"Oh, ah boy segan ke... alah... tak pe, ah boy ada kawan yang minat tak? gadis tu muda, cantik, umur 24, boy tengok ada tak kawan yang minat tak.. ah boy umur berapa?"

"24 akak, 24..." (taking my nasi lemak and pisang goreng...)

"Oh.. ok ma... sama umur dengan aboy, kalau aboy nak, datang cari akak ya..."

(Smiled and,) "Ok Kak.. thank you ya..."

(Faster paid and left)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Wish....

Did everybody had a great Christmas celebration? Did everybody exchanged your Christmas present? Everybody had their Christmas Wishes?

I had mine from Christmas Eve to Christmas non stop EAT EAT EAT!!! Yeah.. How nice. Starting to enjoy eating in big groups. Everybody seems to have my common characteristics of eat = happy!

I had my Christmas Wishes which is commonly known that Santa will grant everybody 3 wishes. So here are mine:

1. All my family, my friends, my colleagues, Her and her, happy, healthy, and everyday unfinished happiness!

2. To make myself rich from today onwards, so that I can get my new HP, new car, new house (in long term @@), and thus able to get to all the places I wanted to go.

3. Santa Claus will grant me another 3 wishes.........

Merry Christmas!! and new year is coming, very eager and looking forward for it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Morning

8:30am, 反常







Irvin 回帖了:i will definitely hate u.... then forget about u.... dats all i wanna say
但是看见最后他说:“dats all i wanna say”


搞什么!!! 今天是冬至!!

PS:好想要买新电话,一个可以照比较好的相片的手机,C902与K850 谁有什么意见呢?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


收音机播的歌 是我写的


Memori 我该如何怀念你
Memori 你会恨我还是忘记
封锁我的呼吸 Oh..


Memori 我该如何怀念你
让爱一而再 伤害你
Memori 宁愿沉默也不会再提起

Sunday, December 14, 2008

100% Saturday

Ok it's not so 100% after all, two things:
- The PIKOM PC Fair
- NTV7 Star Live Concert

09:40 - Gordon picked me up, you're late, AGAIN!
10:30 - Reached KL Sentral to take Putra LRT to KLCC. I'm sooo excited, seeing all those sceneries I always look at about 3 years ago. I miss KL sentral so much! This is the place almost every weekend I have to spend time alone, window shopping at Adidas, and McD. I miss those times.
11:05 - Reached KLCC, had Burger King as brunch.
11:45 - Depart from Burger King to KL Conventional Centre. Saw Roti Boy shop, so memorable, again.
12:05 - Reached PC Fair. Walk around and was looking for headphone with mic. Met Alan Tham, my ex PC Fair colleague, he's a marketing director now, and yeah, his name, Alan Tham, but he's not from Hong Kong. Saw a girl suddenly hop onto Jason, a bit surprised, cute girl after all, encouranging Jason to go ahead.
13:30 - Gordon bugged by a Toshiba sales person. Dilemma to choose either Dell or Toshiba. After "Mo-ing" for a period of time, decided to get Dell (although I still think Toshiba is more worthwhile).
14:10 - Looking for the nearest ATM, unfortunately, Mxybank only allow maximum withdrawal of RM1500, because we do not have credit card, so I have to queue for another ATM to withdraw another RM1000 to borrow him.
15:20 - Finally got his lap top, so damn heavy, looking the fastest way back from conventional centre to the LRT.
16:10 - Got back to KL Sentral. Grabbed Gordon's car key and fly back to klang.
17:00 - Preparing to go to the concert!
17:40 - Meet up the gangs and head to PJ Amcorp Mall for dinner, Cherris and Joey hopped on.
18:30 - Looking for McD in Amcorp Mall but no seat, ate KR Roasters.
20:10 - Concert going to start! But Soo Chuan not yet come, and our tickets are with him!!!!!!!
20:30 - Still not coming yet, Emil Chou WAS OUT!! Singing Hua Xin!!!
20:40 - Finally Soo Chuan reached. We took the ticket and rush to the Hot Zone Area. Very muddy the field after heavy rain in the afternoon. All our shoe become brown colour!
20:40 - 23:30 - Got High, Got Crazy, Got Burning almost throughout the concert. Y2J and James Xiao very powerful! CRAZYYYY!!!!!!
23:55 - Reached Berkerly for yam cha session, leg so pain, stand and walk for almost whole day.
01:15 - Reached Gordon's house again, to get back my key which left at his house.
01:25 - Reached home, wash all the mud on my jeans and shoes, then typing this blog.

Ok. The greatest part of the day are a few things. A. I miss KL life. I miss the LRTs; I miss KLCC's lone shopping time; I miss the tone that they played inside the LRT everytime they reach a place; I miss KL Sentral; I miss the stairs that I prefer to walk rather than the escalator; I miss the PC Fair which I worked at. B. My first time ever enjoy listening to singers singing in live; I fall in love with James Xiao and Y2J.

And apart from all that, I think its time that I change my handphone which incorperate with a good camera so that I can take down the picture I wanted to take the whole day! FXXX!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Night, Sweet Dreams...

I'm going to bed, hopefully, I can continue the dream I dreamt yesterday, very nice, very illusionary, and indicating some good prospects for me. Bed Mama... Please let me continue the dream I had yesterday, and realize it in my real life. Thanks. Good Night

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Stars Aint Out of Reach?

I was walking around, just a face in the crowd
Trying to keep myself out of the rain
Saw a vagabond king wear a styrofoam crown
Wondered if I might end up the same
Theres a man out on the corner
Singing old songs about change
Everybody got their cross to bare, these days

She came looking for some shelter with a suitcase full of dreams
To a motel room on the boulevard
Guess shes trying to be james dean
Shes seen all the disciples and all the wanna bes
No one wants to be themselves these days
Still theres nothing to hold on to but these days

These days, the stars seem out of reach
These days, there aint a ladder on these streets
These days are fast, love dont last in this graceless age
There aint nobody left but us these days

Jimmy shoes busted both his legs, trying to learn to fly
From a second story window, he just jumped and closed his eyes
His momma said he was crazy -
he said, "Momma Ive got to try!
Dont you know that all my heroes died...
And I guess Id rather die than fade away"

These days, the stars seem out of reach
But these days, there aint a ladder on these streets
These days are fast, love dont lasts-in this graceless age
Even innocence has caught the morning train
And there aint nobody left but us these days

I know Rome still burning
Though the times have changed
This world keep turning round and round and round and round these days..

There aint no time to waste
There aint nobody left to take the blame
There aint nobody left but us these days

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Complicated Day

Today I went to another Ipoh day trip. Attending a customer services, unexpectedly, it was very smooth. Everything was under control. Me and my marketing boss had a very happy chit chatting lunch with the customers talk about almost everything.

On the way back, I recalled many memories. I recalled Her and her. Although it makes me wet my eyes again, but after some time of serious thought, I am very sure that my decision is rational, provided with some regrets, which I think every mistakes has to comes with its price to pay.

I reached home. Putting down the Chicky Biscuits and the Beh Teh Soh on the table. I suddenly thought of looking for my FD's slip, which I found its already missing while I looked for my insurance policy earlier. I had become so nervous, although its not a big amount, but they are on of the things that She left for me.

Dad told me about housework. I think situation didn't improved, doesn't improve, and not improving. I found my laundries were packed inside a plastic bag and thrown inside the store room. Surprisingly, I didn't felt furious, but dissapointed, because my marketing boss just told me that Ipoh ladies are very obeyant and caring, but why is she like tht?

I told myself to look for a room out side. Almost giving up the happening in the house, I suddenly thought of: luckily I didn't allow her to come in, or else......I'm thankful for making the correct but damaging decision. Then I think again, dad needs me. I dig a spot in my liver, hopefully it'll be detoxify all my problem tonight.

I'm lost. I was asking a friend of mine to tell me some jokes to entertaint me, ended up I was sourcing those jokes myself. After reading those jokes and share to that friend, I felt so destressed, and feel so much better.

I decided to blog this up, with that I give myself a hope, that everything will be better, to console myself that nothing can ever beat me. I know I'm not a good son, but to all my best, I'll defend his happiness, to create the least of his knowledge on the negativity, for him to live as happy as possible, on his believes on the wrong things, thus live happily for the rest of his life.




看不见你的笑 我怎么睡得着

你要离开 我知道很简单
你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
就算放开 那能不能别没收我的爱

Monday, November 24, 2008

Unexpecting the Expected

Things has not turned better, I guess this is not the bottom of the valley yet. I wonder when can I really write something more optimistic here, just like what Irvin nag at me, spreading the unhealthy mood around.

Last friday I have this chance to do quite a lot of things. I met up George D who'se long time no see; I played table tennis which I think my waist is a bit incompetent with it; I knock the engineers' head by telling them they are the frog under the coconut shell; I entertaint my fellow colleagues by singing a happy song; and on the second morning, I learnt how to swim free style (finally).

I admit that I had approached some irrational way to destress, perhaps way to irrational. Gordon told me, "You are the wan who told me this method to destress is a fake method." I felt so sorry to him, so does myself. I think I should be on my way back to resolve all the problem I faced, facing, and to be faced. Yeap, no doubt I'm able to share my problem by telling dudes and machis around me on how miserable life is, how difficult customers are, how sucks to deal with some non-logic members, and how worry I am onto some "should-be-over" problem.

While I think I'm the worst person in this universe, I think I'm just a peanut. There are too many things beyond my control, some body reminded me, I missed out things that I should able to control, ie my family. I'll knod with the say I'm lack of familism. Its not always my strength. Am I setting the bar way too high? I definitely think I didn't and I don't. Therefore, I decided that I will not smock away other people's familism as well, just like C's. C was texting me that her mom will visit her sis at Klang, for the sake to cure misses. I'm feeling semi consoled, for not smuggling away another precious of her mom.

Well guess what, I'd booked my flight to Bali, too early to tell but, it seems like it doesn't destress me now. I definitely need a short trip, to a relaxing places like, Pangkor? Genting? Cameron? Problem to look for suitable companion to go around... But it's ok, I think with my level of stress, I still able to release through the fluid and gases I took recently. Or I suppose it should be more exercise for the sake of health. Yah yah...... 35 years old I know... stop nagging me ok...

Today surprisingly, Chong left a message in my blog, after I read his message, I looked for that mp3 and listened. Very soothing. So I dropped him a message through MSN, and we chatted about company prospects, perhaps in short period of time, we are at the losing edge.

From my finance, my family, my love life, has ended a failure in 2008. BUT..... BUT!!!!!..... nevermind. Next year chinese zodiac has out already, as the zodiac said, rat is in TIP TOP CONDITION!!!! Do you guys know, in this moment, everything is very very uneasy, I'm facing all those things that I'm informed that not going to be good. I'm really unexpecting them to come. But I do hope that next year, will be a great year, I hope everything will turn good, a brand new start for whatever my bad records, that I'll wash away all my bad luck, and welcome all my brand new success! Ok you guys may think its a lil bit early to say that but:

2009!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shahrir: Fuel price to be cut further mid-Nov

As expected, there will be another round of fuel price revisions coming mid-November (likely the 15th of November 2008, this Friday) and Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Shahrir Samad indicates that it will most likely be a price cut.

The government announced previously that it aimed for the fuel prices to be revised every 2 weeks and it has kept to this for the past month or so quite diligently. Each round of revisions brought cuts, with the most recent being a 15 sen cut to RM2.15 per liter for RON97 petrol and RM2.05 per liter for RON92 petrol and diesel. This came into effect on the 1st this month.

Anyone want to try to guess how much the cut will be this time?

Monday, November 10, 2008




我今天在网上遇见了好久没聊的年轻网友,说要回来大马了。还要我带他去见识“夜生活”!哈哈 年轻真是令人有一种精力充沛的感觉!虽然我不年轻了,但入场是还被检查身份证!真不赖!哈哈!

虽说心情不蓝,但还是感觉某种压力围绕著自己。我今天独自到泳池里游泳,享受被水压的无事一身轻的Feel,爽!虽然没有看见美女,但总算有运动吧!幸运的是,当我在回家路途中扭开Lite FM,听见我和Chong常常唱的: Why do birds.. suddenly appear... 好陶醉!最近一直喜欢这首歌也许是在想一些事,令我更享受这首歌的乐器。



Why do birds, suddenly appear?
Everytime, you are near?
Just like me, they long to be,
Close to you~~~

Why do stars, fallin from the sky?
Everytime, you walked by?
Just like me, they long to be,
Close to you~~~

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue~~

That is why all the guys in town
Follow you, all around~
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you~~

Just like me, they long to be
Close to you~~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Step Too Far

One step too far
All at once I'm falling
Just like a star
I'm buring for you
Thought I could keep myself from feeling this way
I guess that was my first mistake

Cause suddenly I'm walking
Down a dark street to your door
Wanting you is driving me insane
And now my feet are standing
Where they've never stood before
Guided by a twist of fate

If I lose myself with you tonight
Fall apart or hold on tight
Wrong or right I won't be afraid
Cause even if my heart should break
You'd be the best mistake I ever made

I'm in your room
Now there's no denying
What's in your eyes
When I look at you
To shadows talking but they don't make a sound
Words have lost their meaning now

And the air has turned electric
Now I know the time is right
To put myself into your hands
And suddenly I'm shaking
As your fingers touch my skin
I don't need to understand

But If I lose myself with you tonight
Fall apart or hold on tight
Wrong or right I won't be afraid
Cause even if my heart should break
You'd be the best mistake I ever made

And if tomorrow proves me wrong
I swear I don't belong
I know I'll carry on

Saturday, November 8, 2008





Vick: 可能不能和你们一起去上山,但我真的不想去了所以向你讲了个谎话。对不起!


空无一人 这片沙滩
风吹过来 冷冷海岸
我轻轻抖落鞋里的沙 看着我的脚印
Oh 一个人一步步 好寂寞

看海有些绿 天有些蓝
向不知不觉 游向海天
到最深的地方 才发现你早已经 放弃我

我听到海浪 温柔的呼吸
我看着云朵 飘来飘去
有什么方法 让自己真的忘记
Only Blue Only Blue~~
我的心 我的心 蓝蓝地

我真的想找一条船 能远远离开这片沙滩
每次又回到同样海边 还是会对你想念想念你
有点Blue 没有人能向你留给我的回忆 有点 Blue Oh~
Only Blue~~

Emotional Expression

It has been quite sometime that my emotions are very immediate and transparent. And it has been going up and down throught out these days. I tried to manage my emotion especially when I'm with people around me, but I just find that recently its too difficult because emotion changes too drastically. Its been some time where I found myself so poor in managing my emotional expression, but if you are having some emotion like this, are you able to manage your emotion well? Guess its too difficult, I'm a good emotional handler, yet I cant even manage the following:

Very difficult right? But wow... That's the life, up and down, happy and down. True Life.

Live your life the fullest!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Some Valuable Story....

I forgotten I received this mail from who, but it is indeed a very meaningful article. Before quoting in the article, let me do some prevail and introduction:

Dear friends. Which is the worst experience that you never had? Lost your most beloving dog? People around you left you? Made a serious mistake which caused more than 6 figures? Accidentally hurt someone badly? Out from those, how well did you managed your emotions? Have you walk out from those shades of darkness? Of so many questions I'd asked, the short stories show you the answer.

Start quoting:"

Professor began his class by holding a glass with some water in it on his hand. He held it up for all to see, and asked the students,"How much do you think this glass weighs?"

"50 gms! 100 gms! 150 gms!" The students answered.
"I do not know how much this glass weigh unless I really weight it, but my question is, what would happen if I held it up like this for a minute?" The professor asked.
"Nothing." Answered by a student

"Ok what about I held it up for an hour?"Asked the professor again.
"Your arm will began to act, professor."Said one of the student.

"You're right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?"
"Your arm could go numb, you might have severe muscle stress and paralysis and have to go to hospital for sure!" Ventured another student and all student laughed.

"Very good. But during all these, did the weight of the glass changed?" By the professor.
"No it didnt" was the answer.

"Then what caused the arm ache and muscle stressed?" - - - - - The students were puzzled.
"What should I do now to come out from the pain?" asked the professor again.
"PUT DOWN THE GLASS!"said one of the student.
"Exactly" said the professor.

Life problem are something like this. Hold it for few minutes in your head it seems OK. Think it for a long time then it'll begin to ache. Hold it even longer and they begin to paralyze you, you will not able to do anything.

Its important to think on the challenge or problem in your life, but even important is to PUT THEM DOWN at the end of everyday before you go to sleep. That way, you are not stressed and you wake up everyday a strong, and a fresh day, and able to handle any issue, any challenge that comes to your way!

So, when you leave your friends today, remind them to PUT THE GLASS DOWN!

End of Quotes.

Ending this quotes, I would like to do some remark.

How much of you are a easy problem taker? I'm a bit over on this matter where I take problem too easily, a weakpoint I classify it. I always tend to forget problems that happened around me. But however, I think this artcile make sense. It may be a heavy glass of water, but if we don put down, we will be holding the glass forever. Good day!

A Terrible Kick Off for the Week

I know today its going to jam heavily. I reached out from my house 7:10, 15 minutes earlier than usual, but 10 minutes later than planned.

Two hours later, I was thinking if I should turn off my media player. I was looking for some instrumental songs for my friend. I found the dvd that I burnt. It is keeping all my musics and photos taken. I cant help myself to take a look on those. It reminded me some memories that I had already put down. Some decision that I had determined to proceed. I run down my tears, when I was listening Jim Brickman’s play. All the pieces are like singing us. I broke down in the office when it was playing The Gift. I quickly ran out from the office because it has been worsen. Seeing Jamel smiling at me, I replied with a similar curve. I was about to yell.

Its already four months plus. I resolved my sorrow very rapidly, I thought. If its not so many things has changes, if She never left, if he wasn’t born, if he doesn’t needs me, if I’m not so vulnerable, if she never mention those to me, if we never keep any memories, if.

I turned off my media player moments ago. Understood that I had became the wound opener, I am so regret. I pierced through her heart by assuming it should recover soon or something. I gave up all the promises that I told her those days. When I think back, I realize that I am so wicked. I deliberated all the worries that exist, should exist, into hopes that sound so beautiful, and I crush everything into zero. In the end of thinking all those scars I caused, I understood to me now, its not love anymore, but concerns.

It was a poor start. I though this week is where I need to put 200% onto my work. But it had taken a tumble on my Monday. I’m very sure it isn’t a Monday Blue. Because it started from days ago, weeks ago, months ago. I even committed sins that I never thought I wouldn’t. It has been so many unexpected within these few months. Don’t really have time for going down but emotional is sometimes far beyond rational.

I do not know when it will end. Until the next guy go into her life? Until the next girl come into my life? Guess that its likelier for the latter to happen first.. haha naughty me…

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What A Day!

Today, I'm back as a leader position to command the whole event. Although its not a very big event, consisting less than 400 people, but I had very deeply felt that its worthed when seeing few of the 120% supporting crew members to back me up.

I want to do a special thanks to all these people:

Fuang > although you told me that you are very kan jiong all the time, but I still find that you are very cautious handling every single thing.

Vick > Throughout the whole preparation of the event, I rank you the number 1 contributor, who poured most of your time to make from A to Z, although now you are having your own personal problem, but you had never abandon this event project. Very uneasy to see you run in the injured condition, but you said you are ok, not so bad, I decide to believe you. But if you are not ok, I will be very uncomfortable, that you had done so much even in injuries.

Leo > Thanks for doing the most important job in this event - the booklet. Its too difficult to be handled, although there's some minor error occured, but I'm still giving you a thumbs up!

Fong > Bro, you are the most MAN person I ever seen among my friends. In this particular event, you have been travel among the jobs from those who need tenderness like Master of Ceremony, to the most performance-drive job, like leading the stretching and marching the flag.

Kee Wei and Tan > I want to thank you for making all the results keep in time, delivered, and well organized.

Rebecca > I wan to salute you! You are so experience in handling so many different scenario at on handling sudden change of the event.

Madam Ngu > Thanks for your help in our registration, without you, I think the whole situation will be very messy.

Kim Leong > You are my all rounders. From preparing food, handing over the prizes, preparing the titans to the track, you were everywhere.

Low > Thanks for ensuring all the titans in good shape!

Mr Chin > Thanks for your "support"

Mr Ng > I owe you a BIG one. If its not you, I think today will be a one sided event.

Mr Hoo > Thanks for running your full stretch at your 4x400m event, although we didnt won, but in my heart, all of you are winners.

Jolyn > I thought our prize giving part will be a huge mess, but you prove to me that I was wrong, by making everything in such a good sequence and manner.

TB Tan and Krish > Thanks for your support, although you all are busy all the time with work, you never say "no" to our help

Angie > Thanks for organizing the meeting all these whiles, and I need you to organize another Review Meeting for this event next monday.

Ah Hong > Thanks for collecting the "underwear". And tonight you will drive me because I plan to drink until I become coma.

Mr Ong > Thanks for understanding me not in the office most of the time because busy organizing this event. I promise I will spend more time to close up all the unfinished job back in the office.

And of course, how could I don't thank him

Chong > although we didnt get our 20 mil, but I really want to thank you by assisting me although you are from Kuching, and today from 7:30am, till 2:30pm, I never see your eyes leave your lap top screen by helping every body to key in the results accurately, by duet-ing wit me online when we are stressed, by performing "Magic" with me when we are both free, and I just cant finish thank you here, may be when I won my 20 mil, I know how to express my gratitude. Haha.

I think to all those name that I left out, I apologize. But dont take it too hard. Cause its my forgetful, not that you didnt contribute, I just cant finish all those name here.

Although there are some silly mistakes, some major mistakes, some minor mistakes, and some "facial" mistakes, but I think our team handling it fantastically. Today in our team, there's no blaming, no pin pointing, no hassle, no pushing problem around. I witness this teamwork with full of impressiveness. Everybody is backing up each other, supporting each other, encouraging each other, and no complain until the trouble has been sort out. I am indeed so long never as happy as today. Its not because of the event, cause its only 60-70% of success, but its the team spirit that I seen.

We really strived, it has been shown.

*How could I? HOW COULD??!!!!!

Special Thanks to:

Izu and Carmen > Sorry for forgetting your big names, if its not both of you, I think I cannot last until my afternoon tea break at 3:30pm... And because of you 2, I drank 5 cans of 100plus (at least) *wwwooopppss*.......

Thanks again for everybody who presence themselves in the stadium! Tomo Arigathou!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Much For An Evening

Its a great night. I suddenly have this feeling that I cant wait to blog this right after my shower.

Scene 1: I called up my banner supplier for my company sports day. Inquiring him to help me to do an ink print (I cant believe they dont understand the description "canvas") banners which has been decide by W, or more accurately, his sister. I purposely requested W to convert it into the JPEG file, so that it is more common to be used in any graphical software. His sister did it in Adobe Photoshop, which is quite professional. I dont have that software. To ease everybody to review the design. I requested W to convert into JPEG file. This supplier, lets call him CT. He told me that, "Canvas? you meant ink print is it..."(see.. he cant understand canvas) "Nowadays ink print is very the high tech liao.. we use computer to print the drawings out. But it must be in .AI file name la...."
Me: "Adobe Illustrator? Your software should be able to convert the JPEG file into .AI files"
CT: "Cannot lahh... I do this type of banner so many times liao.. It must use .AI files... else I cant print it out..."
Me: "Can la... You try and see can bo? I dont have the converter nor Adobe software in my software."
CT: "Cannot la... you try to find the converter lohhh"
Me: "...."

I was kinda frustrated with his improfessionalism. I consulted my Kuching buddy Mr Young Gun. He told me that he never heard of such converter, may need time to source, and having the doubt I had, "isn't it Adobe can use the 'save as..' function to convert it?"
Therefore I look for Adobe Illustrator software, hoping to find the cracked version since the license protection for Adobe is tremendously strong. Uhah!!! Got it. Immediately I open the JPEG file and saved as the AI.

Sigh... some people just tend to act smart and their ego... like young gun said, "They are just trying to fart..."

Scene 2: To good to know that Little Skinny has slowly recovered, his eyes is less swollen and less reddish now. And he is keeping his wheel and don wan to let his mate to play on it. Haha.. pretty cute.

Scene 3: I had my Thank You Dinner thanks to Dato S. It was quite an enjoyable dinner looking at Mr CKW drunk, 70%? Ya about there. I'm impressed with his drunk. He spoke everything the truth, partially.
"YJ2 has excellent team work! When I knocked CKK's glass, some body will just jump out and drink for him!"
"It has been already Buyers market nowadays, all the S2M sales men know very well, CKK knows very well, CH knows very well, I think Jerry also knows a little. On how customer rejects us like throwing our product back to our warehouse!"

I only looking foward to these 2 statements, please let me explain why they are "Partially correct"

Statement 1: "YJ2 has excellent team work! When I knocked CKK's glass, some body will just jump out and drink for him!"
Correction: YJ2 has excellent teamwork FOR CERTAIN DEPARTMENT, they will protect their own departmental people and sometimes will neglect other people"

Statement 2: "It has been already Buyers market nowadays, all the S2M sales men know very well, CKK knows very well, CH knows very well, I think Jerry also knows a little. On how customer rejects us like throwing our product back to our warehouse!"
Correction: It has been already buyers market LONG TIME AGO! All the S2M sales may not know very well, CKK may not know very well, CH may not know very well, I think Jerry knows A LOT! On how customer reject us like throwing the four letter words on to your face together with their saliva.

Well, perhaps he was drunk, lets just don take it too seriously ;).

Scene 4: I wan to thank Mr CKK. Part of it. I got this so dog luck chance to meet him after Mr Dragon ask me to drive W back. I can feel that he was just trying to shooh him away, nevermind, I can do the job. On the way to carpark, God blessed, I saw Mr CKK. He was shocked that Dragon asked me to: "Can you drive W back first? HMK said we have something to discuss"
Is it so secretive? I thought "YJ2 people has excellent teamwork". His act already broke the golden rule inside a team - No secret between team members. Nah here proved that Mr CKW said was only PARTIALLY correct. Its just because me and W are not engineers, we are quality personnel, different department. Felt so bad but, who cares? I got this kinda dog luck to meet Mr CKK. I took this opportunity to tell him that the ITTI's isolation scenario. He invited me and W to join their "something to discuss".

Oh... No wonder Dragon don't want me to join. It was about a nagging by Mr CKK. I guess some times when egoism went too high, these people do not wish to let others see them nagged. Mr CKK said a lot of things, I really express my gratitude here that he had help me to say something for ITTI. He mentioned on how YJ2 treated ITTI as a rubbish bin, throwing all the rejected material to ITTI so called "ask for help", but in fact they were just doing "garbage disposal". I regretted when Mr CKK conversate this with me in front of so many people:

"Jerry, do you have anything to add on?"

"Mr C, I have plenty of things to say, but I don think this is a good position to say"
"I understand, you want to do it in details."

Mr C, I do not have such intention. No doubt that I want to use figures to show how you all treated (treat) ITTI as a garbage bin by throwing those things to ITTI. But the reason that I do not want to speak is I don want your engineers to lose their face and saying me to act like a pro by climbing the stairs you gave me. So here, let me put down what I wanted to say just now:

"Dear colleagues, I know that I'm out of the team, 3 miles away from the place you work everyday. However, when I received the rejected materials, I didnt sent any email to bombard you guys, I carry the samples from 3 miles away, sitting at Aunty's canteen spending your tea break to discuss with you, asking you all to help me by try to reduce this kinda problem. How ever, I think this brotherhood method initiated by me has been abused, and as that goes on, ITTI has been well known as garbage bin, where all the rubbish will be thrown there, showing your YJ2 good figures, leaving all your shits at ITTI.

In ITTI's position, no doubt that we are daughter company, but every metric tonne material you billed us as prime grade, has been rejected and rejected. And everytime I voice a nag, it has been replied by a joke that: huh? complain? ok lohh I don give you material. =.= h-a-h-a =.=. Not funny at all. Disregard of sellers or buyers market, ITTI do not even have the right to sound how bad is your quality, of the material and your attitude. During sellers market, the sellers are having rights to decide who to sell, even though you may have plenty of cash, I can just stop your material supply; whereas when buyers market, everybody is keeping their cash and clear off their stock, and dear YJ2 colleague, this moment you throw all you stock to ITTI, ITTI do not have cash, but forced to receive your material, defected ones some more, cheated some more.

If you were to think of isolating ITTI's people, please proceed. This will strengthen my will to be the joker of this game. I will be the bad guy. I will become the YJTI's Mr Brian Ch'ng, to send you all at least 3 complaints per week, or even more. I joint you all during the maintenence job asked from Mr CKK, it is not for the replacement leave (partially of course), it is because I wanted to let you all know, when you all need help, I'll be there, but why that ITTI called for help for so long, yet we only heard about hypocritic suggestion from you all?

I'm sorry if what I said are harshy, I don even want to give a damn! I just want you all to know how bad is ITTI doing now, not because that me and Mr O do not want to improve it, but it is this scenario where YJ2 people think ITTI people are staying inside rubbish bin. Now let me tell you, people who stay inside the rubbish bin are able to contain because they are able to withstand this pressure, when I asked dragon to join me to visit customer, he cross his hand and show me a big NO. Therefore, when I said I'm going a complaint at Penang, Ipoh, Kuantan, JB, etc etc.. Please never ever say that I'm enjoying."

Yes it could be that long. That is why I didnt mumbled.

It has been a long night. I'm feeling so much better now, no body shares my problem. I just do not want person who are not in suitable position to initiate to share my problem. I'll be good. I'll be good. I just know that. I'll be better.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prayers for Little Skinny (Xiao Shou)..

Today, I beg for the health of little skinny to be as cute and healthy, naughty and adorable, fast and active, responsive and obeyant, as the day he was not ill. I pray for him that his swollen eyes will cure, so that he can be as happy as usual. Thanks for the help.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

How good it will be, if tomorrow never comes

Fong: Jerry, so next year you'll go up there right?

Jerry: I don't even know what will happen tomorrow, can we don talk bout "next year"?

Fong: You can definitely know what will happen tomorrow, plan what you want to do tomorrow, then you will know.

Jerry: Have you ever met such scenario when, you know what you want, but something unwanted is likely going to happen, and you can give a damn to change those unwanted things.

I dont see my tomorrow. Perhaps when I forsee it, I only see those unwanted things likely to happen. When she carried her son to come in front of my room saying something so affecting, I knew I hit the bouzai. The good things never realized, not even my 4D numbers are striked.

I was wondering how it could be, when I think I attempt to repair the atmosphere, to a more harmonical place. It is only 4 people, plus 1 infant. I cant manage a 4 people scenario, I cant solve a 4 people problem. May be I'm not so good, I'm not good enough here. No body will listen to me here; no body will think I'm good here; no body will appreciate what I did here; no body will like me here."

I am mentally fatigue. I am sooooo disappointed. I am so fucked up. I am so pissed off. I am so lost. I am so helpless. I am so stupid. I am so unwanted. I am so undisputed. I am so dedignified. I am so demoralized. I am so useless.

I choose to remain silent, and deaf if possible. According to the experts, when a person started to become deaf, or mute, unnaturally, it is the activation of self defense mechanisms.

"Expect for a better tomorrow" ??
When I sleep tonight, I only hope that I can wake up tomorrow.

Monday, October 13, 2008


你的回话凌乱着 在这个时刻
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽 甜蜜散落了
情绪莫名的拉扯 我还爱你呢
而你断断续续唱着歌 假装没事了

时间过了 走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 倦了 我哭了
离开时的不快乐 你用卡片手写着
有些爱只给到这 真的痛了

怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦远了
开心与不开心一一细数着 你再不舍
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了
只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着 要怎么停呢

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Power of the Mentality

3:57am, it was akward. I thought it would be a scenery where I had talking non sense, or at least walk umbalancely. It wasnt so much, but I expected, when yellow + purple + brown, it should be giving me a hammer on the brain to malfunction it, I prefer calling it a "RESET". To shut down all the undesired memories usage in my brain, which caused it to "lag" over the time.

It wasnt a virus, it was a software. This software which I thought I had already "uninstalled" it. I think may still wan to continue using it, or not? I do not know.

I understand that when the brain is working in an extreme condition, it will not be affected by any other external substances, ie alcohol. I feel the alcohol flow into my veins, which made my face and shoulder so damn hot. I really felt it. I found out, when I walk towards the gents, I was walking in the straight line; when I peed, I didnt lean on the wall; as I finished, I didnt forgot to wash my hands with soap; when V was vomitting drunk, I advise to gargle the mouth so that the stomach acids didnt made the vomitting process more uncomfortable. Now you know, when your brain is processing something hardly, liqour cannot help you. I felt myself taken in excessive alcohol, but I was so conscious.

I hate that when Mr. X advise me not to drink anymore, asked me not to drive, thinking I'm unconscious, etc etc. It made me feels so irritating. I was conscious, and why I'm letting a person who cant drink to advise me stop drinking bla bla bla.. rather criticizing. Welp, I only able to think that he is CONCERNING his colleague. Which was the only way made me feel better, or else I'll be thinking he was again, acting pro, acting considerate, bla bla bla... Everybody knows how much hypocritic can hide a person's personality, the inner personality I meant.

I'm still confused, still looking to discover what I want, what had been offered to me. Another offer. My drunk supplier spoke to me, hinting me about skills of sales and marketing, and there's a huge customer in Malacca looking for a "SUITABLE" sales person to take care. I take that as an entertainment, he mentioned he doesn't dare to dig me over, as my bosses are looking way high upon me. Ok, up to those what he commented, two words "BULL SHIT"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feel so.....


Friday, September 26, 2008

魔杰座 - 周杰伦 Vol 9

一年一度的杰伦最新专辑终于将要发布了,现在已经发布了新专辑《魔杰座》主打歌《稻香》,不知道各位听客对杰伦的这首主打歌是怎样的评价。作为一个“杰迷”,也是期盼着杰伦的新专辑能早点出来,先是听了《稻香》,从曲子上来说, 觉得听起来真的有很温馨的Feel, 而且真的很梦幻,可能音乐里头的 Tramboline, 让 我真的非常投入:






好梦幻, 好怀念容易知足的心情,好久都没有了!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Honda City 2009 Facelift Exposed!!!!!

"Quoting from": Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has started selling the all-new Honda City in Thailand today. It will be sold in Thailand for between 524,000 to 694,000 Thai baht. We don’t have much details on the wheelbase and some other details yet.

The new Honda City is powered by solely by a 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine mated to either a 5-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual It is 4,395mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,470mm tall, so it is slightly longer (+5mm), slightly wider (+5mm) but not as tall (-25mm) as the previous model. Making it wider and not as high reduces the whole hatchback with a boot tagged on look that the City it replaces had.

It’s quite an attractive car and the lines flow alot smoother than the model it replaces. I hope that for those who don’t fancy the grille at the front all that much (as expressed in some previous posts), there will be a replacement Modulo grille that they can opt for. This was an option that Accord owners who preferred not having an “empty” grille - they could opt for a Modulo grille that had a little bar running through it.

More photos including high resolution photos of the new Honda City have been added after the jump. The new City is sold in Thailand in three variants: S, V and SV. The S and V variants come with a beige interior while the top of the line SV model comes with a dark interior and all 3 variants also come with different alloy wheel designs.

Six colours are available - Habanero Red Pearl, Deep Lapis Blue Metallic, Alabaster Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic and Bold Beige Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl. Sadly white is not available but maybe it will be in Malaysia if Honda Malaysia deems it as a potentially popular colour, which I think it would.

More details to be updated soon, for the moment please have a look at a collection of photos of the new City after the jump.
J speaks: I still fancy the 2008 facelift, seems better, this facelift makes honday city kinda becoming transformer robot "AUTOBOTS TRANSFORM!!!" JI JI JUA JUA. But still, features is good, just wonder why they change the 7-speed back to 5 speed, and no tip tronic mentioned, but no more IDSI, Honda is truely a performance brand.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you.......

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm sorry

I'm sorry. I didnt manage to keep my promise.
I'm sorry. By saying this though I know you dislike it.
I'm sorry. I had to be so straight forward saying things that hurting you.
I'm sorry. For doing a decision that affected you.
I'm sorry. For not choosing a proper way to communicate with you.
I'm sorry. I'm not good in translating the message to you.
I'm sorry. For replying a "Yes" for your important question.
I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you as deep as that.
I'm sorry. For not being there when you need some body.
I'm sorry. For feeling helpless for both of us and cant do a shit of thing to improve it.
I'm sorry. I cant go to you.
I'm sorry. I cant let you to come over.
I'm sorry. I let us started though we know there's such problem to face.
I'm sorry. I just hope that you will get through this.
I'm sorry. For hoping that you will treat me as a friend.
I'm sorry. For putting all these in this blog.
I'm sorry. Really sorry.

Friday, August 29, 2008


嗨! 大家好我是杰历(肥历)。 欢迎来到本人新部落格网站,第一篇中文部落格就是要为大家介绍摇滚乐新星:神木与瞳。以下是摘取某网站资料,希望大家可以多了解神目与瞳:


如木守护 如眼看顾 神木与瞳 为你而活

星光二班最菁英 打头阵发行专辑
冠军班长 赖铭伟 Yuming + 最佳人气王 黄美珍 Jane组成全台唯一双主唱摇滚男女二人组 神木与瞳
从参赛者蜕变为艺人 开创全新局面




这个二人组合的团名来自两个人的名字,赖铭伟的原住民名为Yuming,是为了纪念一位对他影响重大的兄长,因此沿用兄长的名字,而Yuming这个名字也是村中一棵大树的名字,黄美珍则是从小有个小名叫小瞳,连她的歌迷也自称“瞳学”,因此便将中文团名取为神木与瞳,而英文团名Y2J则是来自Yuming 和美珍的英文名Jane,2则代表着“二人组”。


友情倍受注目 不只是好朋友 更是彼此最重要的伙伴

延续星光二赛程中的特殊情谊 两人“既是朋友.又是敌手”





同样流着摇滚的血液 两人惺惺相惜 力量加倍“为你而活”传达摇滚能量带来的安慰和力量如木守护 如眼看顾 神木与瞳请歌迷一起守护伊甸




专辑曲目:01 为你而活
02 武装的蔷薇
03 爱在末日前
04 理由
05 爱链
06 Be Your Love
07 草戒指
08 终结
09 美丽
10 不放
11 法仔鼓
12 Se-Ma-Se-Nay Ku

01 为你而活 - 赖铭伟/黄美珍
作词:马嵩惟 作曲 阿弟仔
看生命 像阵风 抱不住的痛 所以紧握双手
抬起头 那流星般的笑容 只不过 坠落在心中
天空会裂缝 我肩头 添上的爱那么久 就不怕 滂沱
用眼泪庆贺 跨过了 坚信这一扇门后 真的有 天国
为了你而活 为了你而梦 为了爱我会撑到最后
当世界都乌有 守着你的人是我
为了你而活 为了你而梦 伤痕再深心无法划破
跟命运在逆流 就算错了 也不退后
不闪躲 在这荆棘遍布中 那伤口 会开出花朵
天空会裂缝 我肩头 添上的爱那么重 就不怕 滂沱
用眼泪庆贺 跨过了 坚信这一扇门后 真的有 天国
为了你而活 为了你而梦 为了爱我会撑到最后
当世界都乌有 守着你的人是我
为了你而活 为了你而梦 伤痕再深心无法划破
跟命运在逆流 就算错了 也不退后
为了你而活 为了你而梦 为了爱我会撑到最后
当世界都乌有 守着你的人是我
为了你而活 为了你而梦 伤痕再深心无法划破
跟命运在逆流 就算错了 也不退后

02 武装的蔷薇
作词:阿弟仔 作曲:阿弟仔
空气渐渐的凝结 重复着将我破碎
一再的试探诡辩 想考验谁的极限
不再容忍你的罪 挥手再见 终结掉你的一切

我看不见 你说的后悔
我不在乎 你的感觉
你的抱歉 是最后的纪念
武装的蔷薇 倔强的凋谢


空气渐渐的凝结 重复着将我破碎
(怎么追 怎么追 怎么追)
所有回忆都要摧毁 还给你的都要加倍
一再的试探诡辩 想考验谁的极限

我看不见 你说的后悔
我不在乎 你的感觉
你的抱歉 是最后的纪念
武装的蔷薇 倔强的凋谢

走到终点 烛火熄灭 残存世界 一片漆黑
攀附边缘 蔓生纠结 断刺 作废

我看不见 (你的后悔)
我不在乎 (你的感觉)
你的抱歉 (最后纪念)
武装的蔷薇 最后倔强的凋谢

03 爱在末日前
作词:吴易纬 作曲:黄晟峰
当太阳不再耀眼 坠落海的深渊
握紧了你的手走向前 寻找仅存的光线

未来太遥远 也许没有终点 为你驻守换日线
我爱你 世界末日来临以前 抱着你度过漫长黑夜
闭上双眼 逃离寂寞边界 就算我被毁灭 我的爱没有极限

当时间不再轮回 沉睡冰冷冬天
记住了你的美丽容颜 就能征服这梦魇

未来太遥远 也许没有终点 为你驻守换日线
我爱你 世界末日来临以前 抱着你度过漫长黑夜
闭上双眼 逃离寂寞边界 就算我被毁灭 我的爱没有极限(没有极限)

一光年 只是一瞬间 一眨眼 我付出所有爱恋 全部奉献

我爱你 世界末日来临以前 保护你穿越伤痛危险
睁开双眼我会在你面前 就算明天毁灭 我爱你直到永远 直到永远

04 理由 - 赖铭伟
作词:陈昱熙 作曲:陈昱熙
沉默里 所有的动作表情 你的心
太透明 令人窒息房间里 好想逃离

你的藉口 太让人难过
我不想 去分辨 去分别 你对我爱情的残留

不想再 去接受 却承受 你不再爱我的理由
我宁愿 听不懂 猜不透 永远不想懂的理由

不一定 用心搜索你心里 彼此距离
不相信 一定有别的原因 让你畏惧

还是不懂 怎么说不出口
一刻 想挽留 却停留 一个不争气的理由

是我太难接受 无法宽容 你要离开我的理由
但我说不出口 太难开口 舍不得让你不自由

05 爱链 - 黄美珍
作词:陈天佑 作曲:苏亦承
我不懂 不爱这种结果 你别说 再说都是心痛
我放了手 像不再为爱前进的时钟 停在心头

部落格 记录我们的所有 我的梦 从此已经不同
那些感情 寄居在不对的壳要多久 我的世界我来掌握

你给的爱像手链圈住了我 爱的太多 而我想要的你却都不懂
两人的世界只剩下了一种 心碎的沉默

你沉默 我却有种心痛 猜不透 你心里想什么
我的感情 为你失去了自由要多久 就算是爱我想解脱

你给的爱像手链圈住了我 爱的太多 而我想要的你却都不懂
两人的世界只剩下了一种 心碎的沉默

我要的爱有温柔链住了我 我不会退缩 而你不曾问我是否快乐
两人的世界都不必再折磨 谢谢你爱我

06 Be Your Love - 赖铭伟
作词:华正群 作曲:华正群

过完这个冬天 少了一个人陪
把自己关在房间 裹上棉被 寂寞一点
当作你还在身边 还在身边

I Wanna Be Your Love Be Your Love
All I Wanna Be Your Love Be Your Love

为什么你能够 舍得选择离开
讽刺地牵起的手 和放开的手
是同一双手是握不住你的手 你的手

I Wanna Be Your Love Be Your Love
All I Wanna Be Your Love Be Your Love

07 草戒指
作词:瑞业/谭正豪 作曲:陈威全

再见说在额头 原来泪也会痛
深呼吸一分钟 爱突然的词穷

草戒指在手中 像句点的沉默
明天 以后 爱变成了问候

爱不爱都痛 我以为我懂
最后你要自由 忘了温柔要套在手中
到最后 该不该回头
如果我开口 爱继续往前走


08 终结
作词:吴易纬 作曲:康小白

我游走在寂寞边界 驱赶着迷途的卑微
沉沦你美丽幻觉 你将我的灵魂分裂
要终结疯狂堕落思念(我的眼泪 飘散在无尽黑夜)
不怕谁将我曲解诬蔑(跨越伤悲 绽放出雪白玫瑰)
把谎言全部撕裂 燃烧成灰

放逐我在孤独荒野 寻求着解放的爆裂
臣服你无情善变 你剥夺我纯真信念

要终结疯狂堕落思念(我的眼泪 飘散在无尽黑夜)
不怕谁将我曲解诬蔑(跨越伤悲 绽放出雪白玫瑰)
把谎言全部撕裂 烧成灰

混乱世界 永远地沉睡
失去一切 爱到精疲力竭 不能后悔

终结疯狂堕落思念(我的眼泪 被困在永恒的夜)
不怕谁将我尊严浪费(荒芜世界 绽放出雪白玫瑰)
把谎言全部撕裂 燃烧成灰

09 美丽
作词:阿弟仔 作曲:阿弟仔

我一直以为没有明天 我一直以为这就是终点
在夜的尽头 燃烧成绚烂的烟

我一直以为我无所谓 我一直以为这又是起点
直到我发现 你降下红色的雪 覆盖了我的眼

一切 美丽的情节 是我 编织的幻觉
出现 美丽的境界 是你 最后的安慰

我一直以为就这么直接 我一直以为就如此纯粹
在路的尽头 坠落到无底深渊

我一直以为我没了知觉 我一直以为我自己是傀儡
直到我发现你留下黑色的泪 解脱了我的罪

10 不放
作词:马嵩惟 作曲:Keith Stuart
那又怎样 不如不要忘

即使流浪 也有人敞开肩膀


爱错我也不放 痛就痛到难忘
恨又怎样 为你 全世界都敢反抗 又怎样

若能这样 谁还想追逐月光


爱错我也不放 痛就痛到难忘
恨又怎样 为你全世界 都敢反抗
疯了我也不放 泪要流得漂亮
爱又怎样 只要抱着你 我不在乎 天堂又怎样

爱错我也不放 痛就痛到难忘
恨又怎样 为你全世界 都敢反抗
疯了我也不放 泪要流得漂亮
爱又怎样 只要抱着你 我不在乎 天堂又怎样
11 法仔鼓(音乐)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
12 Se-Ma-Se-Nay Ku(音乐)



第一次听见这组合,就令人想起草莓组合 Cranberries 与 Roxette,都是爆发力十足的阴阳摇滚组合。真的好怀念:"In your HEAD... its in your HEEAAAD.. Zombie.. Zombie... Zoum bieh ieh ieh..." 那种摇滚腔,真是非常怀念!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trailers : The rise of the new blog

It should be fun, getting something new in me. I had been stagnant for long, wondering how should I change myself, at least to repair my bonnet and repaint my car, hope this is some slight change, though I suppose it shouldnt be too widely known, good enough for those who true enough, please leave a message or comment. I will share things that unshared during our daily life, haha!

As a REWARD for your visit to my blog trailers, I present to you all Mr DNLE, who was drunk and picture taken as a proof of "You Did Drunk!", don't say that you didnt full your stomach before drink! thats an EXCUSE!!!! Good day, and thanks
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