Thursday, April 29, 2010




奢侈品是可有可无,在不必要的情况下,它是多余的。不需要多take care,不需要太多理会。如果有的话只是锦上添花,没有的话也没舍关系。举个例子,如果我没有电视,我就睡觉。那么电视其实就是一种奢侈品。其他例子如:
今天Jerry没来,但是我们还是可以进行讨论。Jerry 原来就是奢侈品。


Friday, April 23, 2010

Stay Strong

Its gonna be tough, tougher each and everyday.
I grab my knuckles and hold firm.
"Fight or Flight?" I repeatedly asked myself and there's no fail on answering "FIGHT IT!!!"
Some how or rather there's finally one thing I start to consider flighting away from it.
Glad that I'm so blessed with strength.
I dock up and look up, hanging with a pair of dimple on my cheeks.
"Yes I can! GO GO FIGHT IT!!!!"

Sometimes you just need a simple self motivation,
a little bit of ego, a little bit of subjective,
a bite of stick from my blue box,
a wet stacks of alcohols.
Its so good to empower yourself with esteem.

Suddenly feel so self centralized.. haha..

PS: i like the new media i added, sang by Olivia Ong...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkey Business

A man caught four monkeys from somewhere and put them into a special cage.

This cage has a banana hang on the ceiling of it, connected to a wired deviced, once the banana is pulled from top, the whole cage will be channeled with electric current and shock any living things inside.

Monkey #1 is the oldest. "Week week wakk wuk!!!" He expressed his seniority as telling others that "I'm the oldest, so I deserve the only banana in this cage!" So he hop below the banana and pulled."


All the monkeys jump shockingly yelling in pain due to the current that jabbed them.

Monkey #2, cannot believe this is happening. Challenging the monkey #1 did, pulled the same banana again and screamified all the monkeys inside the cage again, hopping all over the cage as the current jabbed them again. Repeated by monkey #3, the 3 monkeys has given up to get the banana.

Here comes monkey #4, while he attempted to pull the banana, all the other monkeys whacked monkey #4 as to stop it doing something that will hurt everybody. Poor monkey #4.

The owner then removed monkey #1, replaced by a new monkey, monkey #5. By the law of the nature, monkey #5 was very curious why would no monkeys getting the free banana? So while it approaches the banana, the other monkeys whacked it up, including monkey #4 who never ever touched the banana. Poor monkey #5 wallup without knowing any reasons.

Owner then removes monkey #2 again, replaced by monkey #6. Repeating what is monkey #5 was thinking, it approaches the banana, and bambooed by all other monkeys. This time monkey #5 was very heavy punched and bitten on monkey #6.

Owner removes monkey #3, replaced by monkey #7. When monkey #7 neared to the banana, the same incident repeated.

Now inside the cage, no monkey ever touched or pulled the banana. The owner off the power, replaced monkey #4 with monkey #8. Pathetically, this monkey #8 experienced the same tragic whack by all other monkeys while it tried to go near to the banana. Even though the power is off as no current will jab any monkey.

This cycle goes through for monkey #9. #10, #11, #12, etc... If you are the N-th monkey which smart enough to know that the power is off and entered this cage, what would you do?

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