Sunday, January 24, 2010

24.1.10 0140

- work blindly
- band practising for almots 5 days a week
- beer or liqour for almost 60% of 1 month.
- loy boy sang perfectly in the performance
- almost didnt sleep for 43 hour (still counting)
- had the greatest McD ever
- smiled happily from my heart after so long didnt do it
- being crazy
- being sensual
- being rational
- being ego
- being lazy
- played all the wrong chords
- worried for whole day and read something not delighting
- played less than 3 dota games in the week
- backache recurring
- disappointed Mr O
- pissed off with some new "PROJECT"
- pushed
- decided sometimes personal blog shouldnt update that often
- Sometimes when we touch - Dan Hill
- "ur head"
- :P
- wrong nicotine application and dosage
- "many things but no me"
- not servicing my CLK after near 6000km millage
- C902 got cracked
- my bike's rim is not round anymore
- klang heavy traffic jam
- thinking on ALL possibilities
- I want
- writting this boring post
- didnt watch soccer match for so long
- saw live nba broadcast in tv but not bother to watch
- said something meaningful
- said something constructive
- said something useless
- being forgetful
- didnt met up with eddie
- not yet return CY's shoe
- drunk with 1.5 cup of tiger
- penang trip with G
- prepenang trip with J
- etc

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010, Goodbye 2009

New year should be brand new. Today is 1st of January 2010, the 1st page of 2010 calendar. Unexpectedly, I still unable to get myself a new resolution. If there is at least one, I hope that I can give my full support to the people I care, and by all means I'll do it.

Happy New Year
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