Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The big two incident that a lot of people may had witnessed, keep flashing inside my brain.

First incident when the Lakers against the Mavs, game 3, Gasol had not put up a good-enough-chase to the 3-pointers, claimed and blamed by Uncle Phil, the so called Zen Masters. Seeing a scene that the Spanish power forward very unhappy with the blame and keep shaking his head off. Perhaps, the Zen did not realized that the person he has to deal with is namely Dirk Norwitzki, or Tyson Chandler who both well known as far range center and forward. How he supposed to take other 3-pointers in account?

Case two happened when Mr Chicharito scored his 36 seconds goal on rival match against the Blues, Itallian Coach of the Blues throw his furious on defender David Luiz on losing mark of the young striker, plus late recovery on the korean brilliant through pass that send Petr Cech stunned unmoved. Seeing Luiz denying by keep repeating "I'm not!!! I'm not!!!!"

Both soccer and basketball are my favourite sports. One I love to watch, two I love to play. Being inside the sports are extremely happy and inspiring since that will be where you find everybody in the team are so supportive. Well understanding the long definition of team that part of it including no prejudice, no blaming, and encourage each other, I found the satisfaction by doing those.

"Good try!!" - when your teammate made a 3-point shots hitting the back rim.
"Nice shot!!!" - when your striker hits a shots which hit the cross bar
"Dude.. get closer to number 9, try not to lose mark again, then we may have chance" - when your defender miss tackle the striker and give away goals.

or you prefer......

"don shoot like that can or not? you dont know how to see?"
"so poor shooting"
"why you let him pass through u?????"

Well one important thing I'd learn through team play, is to encourage each other for improvement, for next game? for cheering up your teammates. Things that team captains, leaders. managers and coaches can never do, is demoralizing your players and behave like blamers. Probably every true team players will know, when a team lost a game, every members bear the responsibility. If Phil Jackson was saying, "Pau, I need your extra efford than usual to cover-up those miss marked 3 pointers, besides Dirk and Chandler", or if Ancelloti was saying, "Luiz, you have to repay your mistake by doing your best shots for the remaining 89mins". Perhaps things could have change, Lakers are not swept 4-0, Chelsea may could have more morale to play on, and most importantly, team members are still in 1 complete piece.

When I heard "demoralizing, that is part of the game". I truly understand and noticed, not every team activities are like that. Its either may be I am too old for the new era of sports, or they are too immatured to be comprehensive or considerate. But I think I should still insist, demoralizing, is not part of the game, especially among teammates. What you need on improvement is encouraging, not demoralizing, spelling different a lot you know? =)
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