Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I was disccusing with a friend on whether to do another entry in this period, since I am very very unknonw status on how to describe my recent mood swings. Anyway, I decided to post this, since its a global celebration onto Mothers Day, it should be meaningful to do so.

To do it a little bit special, I do not think I carry the responsible to describe nor explain how mother should be.... how great they are... how noble they are.... etc etc... meaningless when most of us already know, BUT, I am doing this to dedicate this song to all the children in this world, if you can here this song and understand the meaning of the song writer, deep inside your heart, thank your parents.

So, please love your parents, not long ago I just read an article, it says:

“世界上有两样东西最不能迟,一是行孝,二是行善”, there's two things in this world, we cannot afford to late, 1 is filialty, 2 is charity. I am not a filial person, but I do hope those who have the chance to do it, do it.

Last but not least, Mom, miss you so much. And please look after father from up there k.... hehee...
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