Tuesday, July 28, 2009





他双手压在头上, 显得无比的痛苦



Hi, How Are You? I'm Fine, Thanks for Asking

Yeap, things are that simple, applicable, and widely use.

Apologize to my redang crew for not continuing the posts. Owe you guys a big one.

Its like saying hi to many things that we had left out. I'm sure many of you recently watched this clip, trying to describe the clip in texts. He walked out from the back stage, wearing a very lite plain white T, on the very dim light, He carried a briefcase. He opened the briefcase, and took a piece of coat out from the briefcase. Hanging tht piece of coat in the air, like 2-3 seconds, the crowds screamed and yelled like they never did. He put up his coat, from the same briefcase, He grabbed his white glove, only 1 piece of white glove. The crowd craved, they lost their sanity looking at The King doing it. The music started, he shoke his body and legs, slides the feet backward creating a graceful movements......

Thanks to The King, who gave us so many moments we should have. After stop blogging for so long, He is one of the major factor that make me feels like I should jot something here. Long live The King, you are not alone.

I pick myself incomplete recently. Doing things that not much of purpose, objectives, etc. I smacked myself hardly after knowing that there are few friends also facing the same problem, perhaps its just a so called transition period for ourselves, for those who are still have plenty of room for improvement, for those who are like me. Living life without purpose and objectives are some times so difficult to accept. Among my friends, they have the same feelings.

Therefore I jotted myself few things to go for, some sort of upgrade or filling up my own life with colours. First come the SLR thingy. I was thinking, if I buy a SLR camera, at least I will commit my time to do some shooting since its not cheap to get an SLR. But yes, its not cheap, so I have to think more than thrice to really get an SLR.

Then comes the Lenovo IdeaPad idea. I am superbly pissed off and f*cked up by using all the 2nd hand thingy. Whoever know me good enough know that I don like 2nd hand things that people don wan then, GIV YOU USE LA..... After my office desktop stolen by some stupid arse thieves, they gave me a used C*mpaq, that also I only request them to upgrade my RAM but there are some ignorants who don understand language did not do it for me, then they gave me the SECOND HANDED D*ll. Yeap, SECOND HAND. I rather buy myself. Thats because of the disatisfaction I had.

Welp after all that, I am thinking isnt good to have myself learn an extra language? Japanese is good since many japanese company are having factories here, I can have the advantage if one day I so happen got into it. But still, if I don speak, don read, don listen, don practice, they will rust, because I cant speak japanese alone....

Ok how bout really let myself be a qualify guitarist? at least I can practice guitar alone... So I planned also to get on the guitar class to learn some theory, at least I'm not buta buta play guitar only but I know whats the theory behind....?


Its a bit lengthy over but things are hardly smoothen recently. I'm not giving up life, nope not that easily. I once thought of stopping this blog, but I didnt. This shows that I will make my life continue positively. I kiss my fingers which are crossing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'll be back

its time for me to come back
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