Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5th April 2011

staying up 2:55 in the middle of the nite typing something in the blogspot? perhaps my heart isnt as old as i thought, u know like.. switching off the lights, leaving the sole bright-source coming out from the screen... tapping the keyboard typing somethings sensual or so... and unsleepable thinking about life and life and life..

ya we cannot agree more on guys most of the time think bout female and money only. but that cover ultra widing scope that actually screwing up ourselves in the shoe of giant big foot. can you imagine yourselves wearing a size 22 basketball gear or futsal boot running around the court like a moron that couldnt ask for more on teammates feeding you the ball? or to intercept the opponent's passing using that pair of shoes? please dont misinterpret, i'm not describing an overating scenario but describing an overwhelming of inappropriate authorities.

some days ahead a big change has gone up to my life where i had moved up a little by defining the "a little" where i am still underated in terms of cash.. things changes overdue.. life changes overdue.. time changes overdue.. i couldnt thank them more making me realize that so much clues that has been given to me has been neglected or taken too lightly. things like.. gotten myself into something that are not practical such as photography-wanna-be, upgrading my mobility, etc.

humping myself into a hour chaser really doesnt a good idea at all, craving myself to get new things in my life in the same time, defending all the way that the way i used to be. i kinda understand how successful some hall of famers are when they able to spend 24hours in their day a constructive one, where i beg for the hour to go slow that things has still not able to catch up with my accomplishment of my so called basic needs, but they are very much untrue.

i started to persuade myself giving up something that is less important to me, giving more priority to things that i should still hang on to.. things like choosing the right choice to do in the same time, listing out my TO-DO-LIST that i hardly practise due to my lack of consistency. sounds good huh? hold on to before you think on that, i am also thinking how to speedify things, (wow what a new term i created) where disobeying and challenging the needs of other people satisfying the larger group of people on their needs..

well crap, craps. its just a thought on making things easier for me. im not pesimist type of person, seriously. but i guess whatever i said earlier is probably a bunch of craps. haha.. funny me. gosh i miss mum. the way she cooked dinner is making a house a home for me.
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