Monday, September 21, 2009

Parking Space

This car seems came from far, exhausted
Parking itself into me, adjusting a suitable position to stop, comfortably, peacefully
I shaded with my 11 years old roofing sheets, which almost no body will ponder on it

I saw the car's model something like SLK or so, a luxiriuous car
The car own by a young man, thin, with a pair spectacles
It seems that the car are not happy, because of all the problems given by the owner

"My owner always prefer another car" said the SLK to me
"Why?" I replied with a fake curiousity
"Why he must treat me like that...? Why..."
"Its ok dear, you can shade under me. Or why not you park yourself under me, and leave your owner?"
"I tried, but don't know why, I can't! He simply drives me crazy"

Not long, the young man came back, and drove the car away

I some times still see the same car, hoping it to get better from its owner, or simply change owner.
I hope I can own a SLK myself but,
I'm just a parking slot, who allows people to park into me
Most importantly, its only temporarily.

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