Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Trip I Name It Siao Siao #1

Its all started from the waiting of the Mr Air-cond Spoil to wake up and pick us up. We spent our time at that familiar McD with the Jawis on it. And Yean Hong (here and after known as the booterr) introduced that the familiar bus that should take us to the jetty has arrived.

After they hopped up to the bus 1 by 1, me and ah soo still chit chatting out side the bus, there, this very smart bird decide to drop me a hint which is to ask me to get up the bus before there's no more seat, with its poo poo on my shoulder.... wtf..... so I decided to take a photo shot of the bus plate number before I forgot the plate number for me to get to Mr Da, Mr Mag, and Mr To if they can give me some extra pocket money.

This nice Mr Aircond spoil first drove us to the Terrengganu China Town. As named, everything here are chinese, including the Bah Kut Teh and dim sum can be found here. The sky of China Town is full of swallow, flying around the bluish clouds. Here, a group of siao lang started to do their snap shots, including that they suddenly found some celebrities around, so they gathered and feast on the "don't-know-which" superstar for photo shooting session, I tried to take a good shoot on the siao lang gang but end up there's a guy call Micheal Rambo peace-ing to me... and I suddenly saw an evidence that a superstar has been really having a strong relationship with Malaysia.....

At the not so blue sky, and streaky hot sun shining onto the bus roof top, we proceed to the jetty which could possibly take 40 minutes, but unfortunately, the air cond of the bus broke down and everybody is preenjoying the services of sauna on the bus. The "sweater" couldnt take it so went to the bus driver aka Mr Aircond Spoil and discuss on how to turn cold the spoilt air cond, but end up opening all the roof door to sooth everybody inside. After that, we head to the island on the very fast boat, very fast the motor spoilt boat. End up standing up for that whole hour listening to 2 aunties gossiping......

To Be Continued..........................................

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Piece of Dialogue With Liang

L: its jz like that time when ur.... *cough* left...u didnt told us also, jz after that suddenly an sms...

Me: oh u meant my mom? nah, its near CNY, i dont wanna spoil others mood by coming to the funeral, summore its weekdays, everybody gotta work, there's no point by coming to the funeral as if its gonna make me feel better, it wont.

L: so wat, we wanna show we r frens, u do not need to sms everybody u know, tht time if u sms 1 of us, we will fwd this news to everybody

Me: *sum wat laughed*

L: i jz worried that ppl went there and laugh like a gathering instead of a funeral

Me: i jz worried that u all come and i hv to repeat how She left over and over again and made me so difficult.

L: this is y, u never told anybody bout ur real prob.

I was suppose to post my trip to the Redang on how "exhausted" it was but it bounced to have this kind of feeling for me to blog this up. Perhaps I started to hump myself away from my target which should be more positive or at least let Irwin read my post more worriless. But there's too many things I didnt do for Her. I feel so ashame that up till now familism still cannot really grow inside me especially after reading Bryan's post on how he entertaint his mom with the out-of-tune guitar. My mom didnt even know I can play guitar. What a ridiculous joke to tell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What the....

I use the Fumakilla bottle to knock on my head
To make myself more alert
Gallons of caffein cant stimulate the neuros anymore
They are all now numb.

First happen when I lost my diary,
fine though till I knock that money lender's Waja,
still ok you know till I forgotten to submit my report in time,
now I lost all my f*cking receipt and I am subsidizing the company now.

Perhaps I need to use a ceramic instead of the aerosol bottle.
Because I am now numbed.
They first told me there's a pay rise.
"O.." I replied without giving a damn of the facial expression.
Then they passed me the offer letter and confirm it.
"Any expectation?" he asked.
"No, not at all" with the expression-less replied on the sat-down-prepared-to-discusss manager.

Then they started to yell at each other at another ground.
Its good that I decide to stay this ground,
Its bad that I have to squeeze all those pain into juice, by myself.

I started to feel alone, aging to be exact.
Even the geese not walking out from the front yard anymore.
I see the dogs at the guard house getting skinnier and I can some what see their bones.
The ants are not even bothering the biscuits crumbs I left on the table.

Is it all my "should be" "shouldnt be"?
I killed my own satisfaction, need lower ambitious.
I need a break, which I'm going to get soon.
May be its not a long break but, at least will cast me away from the boiling points.
I hope that people who stay here has the self management that I "used to" have.
That the neighbours do not receive such high decibels onto the innocents.

Time to sleep. Good night!

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Random Long Post

i guess this is the 1st random post i did it here. to me most likely the term "random" happen to appear in this kinda occasions are some wat meaningless, and i'm deciding not to take care of my grammar and language here.

it happen to appear in my mind tht stopped me from blogging since mid of march till recently i put back sthg that not really me into the blog to sort of continuing things that had stopped for a while, which is a very bad habit of me on persisting sthg, in all sorts of efforts which needs to pay.

1st of all is the news of frens didnt make it up after chasing a gal for several years. big bow to him. several years aftering 1 gal. end up zero bcos tht gal told him tht herself do not know wat she really wants, and do not hope tht my fren to continue waste time on her. wat a ridiculous excuse. half true half not? i told myself, shall there's anygal tell me tht, there's only 2 things appear in my mind: 1 is tht gal found her true guy for her; 2 is she had enuf lunatic time spent on me, thts y. i spent a nite wit tht buddy of mine without complaining. i am more than 100% sure that if i'm down in mood, he will do everything he can to console me. this is call brother.

after that a fren of mine that i tot had been released from the past nitemares. but seems like still kena haunting by the characters in the nightmare spontaneously, so sad tht when u tried so hard to help fren, they are still bind to the negative side of the devils who still bugging them and unable to release. perhaps i was the devil b4, erm may b i stil the devil which still haunting somebody's mind. but i hope that i am not anymore.

after discovered myself underperform, i quickly style myself up in my workplace. things are quite likely to happen since suddenly the load of my work started to remoderate and changes a lil bit. and now, i do not hope that i hv more hours per day, i hope there are more days per week.

being nasty in the family has not become my preference. after doin it once, i really find it hard to accept for myself. and i think that familism has letting me know that i made a serious mistake on decision making, that i am not able to to change the cruel truth on meditating the illness in this house. even myself had lost patience on managing the eldar. i become very hot temper when i reach home. i still rmb wat LF said, "pity u, u cant feel the warmness of ur home" similar things mentioned by SY too.

recently i had a few frens which are far younger, like 19-20s, or some wat 22-23. joining them makes me feels like i'm old. perhaps the only thing in this world which is fair is the time. everybody share the same 24-7 a week, and 365.25 days per year. which will not be arguable. u take ur nx move to spend the nx second. u gain wat u spend for the last second. some focus wealth, welp most of them do, some focus fun and entertainment, some spend to look for their soulmates for the rest of their life, some out of nthg just wan to be themselves, ie me. how ever when i looked at those who i called gns, i envy that the only thing i don hv is the timing. i hope i would back to the campus again and do things that wat they r doin rite now. during my studies, my only complain to study life is there's no concrete rewards, unlike working life, u work hard ya its fucking hard but in the end of the day u get ur rewards, so called "in the end of the day". but nowadays the gns who are studying, they get their rewards, mixing up wit frens so freely; buying things that they intended to buy, and who need to work to buy their Sony Ericsson or Samsung? 1 out of 10?

deemed that i'm single, ray for no reason called me yesterday said wan intro me a "fren", and i can feel tht there are timings for me to readapt for being a good and responsible man to rely on. at least the correct person are simple so important at the correct place and correct time. i hope things will jz go smoothly and i put my palm on my chest and type this: if i were to stay single for the rest of my life, for this moment, i think its ok"

for watever reason i posted this long winded thingy. i hope everybody will hv their life progressive. the ills will get cured; the sad will get happy; the poor will get rich; and the irritating ppl can get lost.

Will You Marry Me? by KSK

"It's already half year ago, when we first met at the Hall of Grace, we know each other, hang out, dinner, movies, looking at the stars, and counting the cars on the highway, I want to tell you I love you, I hope that you will accept my love and become my soul mate, will you marry me?", said Terrance to Neesha, kneeling down on the floor with the wedding ring. During the eve of christmas, that would be the most unforgettable day for Terrance to stomp his courage to say those words.

Neesha was stunned. She cant close her eyelids but to look at Terrance. Without giving any reaction and reply, she ran up her room. Terrance was unhappy. After 6 months of knowing each other, he thinked that proposing together with confession perhaps worked simply too sudden until Neesha came down from her room bringing an unknown letter.

"Last christmas, I was very sad of a broken relationship. I approached pastor Lee. Pastor Lee told me that everything will be fine. The man of my life, will appear and be with me for the rest of my life, pampering me, give me everything. He wrote all these onto this letter." Neesha hand over the letter to Terrance and continues,"but I want to tell you, even though that the pastor did not tell me all those, I want to wear this ring, and love you for the rest of my life".

Friday, April 17, 2009

Old School...

#1 Wanted

#2 Old School Ad Board

#3 There is still letter for this address you know...

#4 Its older fashion than your anneh's barber shop

#5 Miss those bottles or not?

#6 You never ever took a bus, how could you imagine that is a bus stop?

#7 There's no Autopay station here, and I am very sure I have been to such carpark when I was a kid

#8 I seriously do not know what was this building, looks like a rich family house to me.

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